IXth c. S. Salvador de Valdedios ("El Conventín").



Length: 3 days  
Guides: Ola Aguado & Santiago M. Cuéllar + local guides
Prices:  Depending on season and number of people  
Info: + 34 658 024 467  

Description of the activity

Pre-romanesque art and architecture is only available in Asturias. A treasure and unique ensemble of architectural jewels gathered around an relatively small land which allows to get all of them in a reasonable time as the one we have planned for this trip.

Monuments to be seen are dated back to IX to XIth centuries a.C., in an exclusive version of a transition from sirian/arabic and visigothic influences in Iberian peninsula and all concentrated in this land.

friday, the 17th march 2017: 17:00hs. Madrid to Gijón. Night in Gijón.

saturday, the  18th: 09:15 From Gijón to Oviedo to visit S. Julián, Cámara Santa, Foncalada, walk and road to Sta. Cristina. Visit and come back to Gijón. Activities are arranged as well in Gijón before or after dinner. Night.

sunday, the 19th: From Gijón to S. Salvador de V., visit, road to Villaviciosa calling at S. Juan de A. In Villaviciosa a visit to Sta. Mª de la O. and lunch. Road to visit S. Salvador de P. and way back to Gijón after visit. Night.

monday, the 20th: From Gijón to Naranco (Oviedo) to visit S. Miguel and Sta. Mª del N. 12:00 road to Nora, arrival, visit S. Pedro de N., lunch and way back to Madrid.

For more info, details and/or bookings, send an e-mail to: or let a message on the phone +34 658 024 467.

«PRADO MUSEUM» – Italian paintings-

PRADO MUSEUM - "Italian paintings"-


Length: 2 & 1/2 hs.
Guide: Olga Aguado
Price: 15€
Booking & info: or +34 658 024 467  

Brief description of the activity

CaminaMadrid aims to show most of expressions of art in Madrid, "Prado Museum" and particularly for this opportunity the italian masterpieces since Rennaissance to Baroque which belong to the permanent collectión of Prado Museum. A rare but exquisite set of renowed italian painters. 

For more info, details and/or bookings, send an e-mail to: or let a message on the phone +34 658 024 467.