«REINA SOFÍA MUSEUM» -Collection #1/ Spanish avant-garde-

Exhibition hall

Tour guided to C. A. Museum "Reina Sofía" collection in two parts: Reina 1 (paintings belonging to 1st half of XXth c.) and "Reina 2" ((paintings belonging to 2nd half of XXth c.)


Lenght: 2 hs.
Guide: Olga Aguado
Price: It will be announced before next tour
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Brief description of the activity

The visit to "Museo Nacional-Centro de Arte "Reina Sofía" - Collecction #1-" is divided in 2 rounds.

Every one will transport you onto the transition from figurative art to the first expressions of non-figurative art in spanish XXth c. painting art through relevant avant-garde master pieces allowing you to know the most interesting trends and movements to achieve the basis for contemporary art.