CASTELLANA Av.: From Castelar circus to Colón square

1974 - 1986, "Castelar building", Pº de la castellana 50. Architect: Rafael de la Hoz.

CASTELLANA Av.: From Castelar to Colón sq.


Length: 3 hs.  
Guide: Santiago M. Cuéllar  
Price: 15€  
Booking & info: or +34 658 024 467

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A glamorous walk between remaining XIXth c. palaces and mansions, initial architectures born in the "International Style" in the beggining of the XXth c. and also a good range of recognised buildings of the 70s and 80s spanish architecture.

It goes from Castelar circus to Colón, in the heart of Madrid XIXth c extension and where aristocratic and nobility wanted to settle a bit apart from the old city centre.

The existing mixture of the new urban planning of that time and the buildings between XIX and XXth cs, gives a special and concentrated selection of good examples in a quite reduced area. It is not the most touristic point of the city but where the city has increases its commercial and entrepreneurial activities and way of life.

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