Length: 3 hs 30 min
Guide: Santiago M. Cuéllar
Price: 15€
Booking & info: or whatsapp +34658024467

Short description of the itinerary

In Madrid urban and architectural history Gran Vía means the best exemple of its time and the most complete and achieved proposal of its kind that allowed to implement and to install buildings belonging to the trends and movements of XIXht and XXth centuries, but not only. In european context Gran Via was the scenario of the first skyscrappers of the continent and the introduction on behalf of Europe of the new architectural types representing the modern times coming from the emergent America.

From local national trends to art deco or expressionism, all of them are very well represented in Madrid Gran Via.

From CaminaMadrid we appeal to a public and private consciousness about this extraordinary model.

This first tour by Gran Via goes over the two first sections planned on the original urban planning project: From calle Alcalá up to "Red de San Luis" (calle Montera beginning today) and goes on up to Callao.

For more info or booking, send an e-mail to: or whasapp to +34658024467.