MADRID WEST-EAST AXIS: From medieval walls to XVIIIth-XIXth c’s Paseo del Prado

XIVth to XVIIIcs. Plaza de la Villa



Length: 3 hs.  
Guide: Santiago M. Cuéllar
Price: 15€
Booking & info: or +34 658 024 467  

Brief description of the activity

This walk offers a wide vision but short in time of the origin, growth and extension of historical Madrid from IXth c., remains up to the Enlightenment and XIXth c., revivals, embeded in the city urban network. Perhaps one of the best ways to take a whole vision and knowledge of historical Madrid but in a shortest way.

This axis has marked the history of the city due to royal parades main entrance by east side going all along up to the royal palace in the west, but also due to the previous defensive position of the first settlement on the edge of the plateau looking down to the river, where the royal palace stands, resulting the natural extension of the city to the west. 

Most representatives buildings were built on it in a dense manner with the aim of being as close as possible to the privileged area resulting an interesting collection and wide sample of buildings belonging to many different styles and trends.

Medieval, rennaissance, baroque, enlightenment and XIXth c., masterworks can be seen on the tour.

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